why does pineau des charentes taste so good

Pineau is a part of Cognac area in the Charente section of southwestern, France. Pineau des Charentes is loveable among people. The red Pineau is made up of merlot and cabernet franc and cabernet sauvignon. While on the other hand, the white Pineau is made up of similar grapes as cognac i.e. Colombard, folle blanche and ugni blanc.

Pineau des Charentes is measured as a fortified wine gift sets; however it is different from harbor because it is much delicate and lighter. Pineau des Charentes should always be served cooled. The white Pineau is particularly bracing over ice with a twist of lemon. Before buying a gift for someone always consider that what to be given and which gift suits their need. Pineau Des Charentes serves as a wonderful gift on any occasion i.e. Christmas, parties etc.

White Pineau

White Pineau is sweet and loveable among people. Its sourness is nicely balanced with luscious, ripe flavors of nectarines with a flavor of lightly spiced plum compote and cooked apple. On the other hand, a red Pineau is also tasty. It is made up of faint whiff of warm fruitcake and more ripe red fruits.